Astypalea: The first smart & sustainable Mediterranean Island

The Hellenic Republic with the support of the Volkswagen Group are implementing a ground-breaking project, aiming to transform a Greek island into a model location for e-mobility, on-demand mobility and RES.

The vision


This project advances the transport model of the future, through the maximum penetration of green energy, e-mobility and innovative mobility services.

The four pillars

Our project concept definition is based on 4 working streams:

Vehicle electrification

Switching the existing fleet of combustion vehicles to electric ones.

Smart mobility

Public transportation will operate on demand, taking us wherever we wish, whenever we need.

Charging & energy

A hybrid energy system will replace the existing diesel generators.

Autonomous driving

Future option. It will be tested on the island, given the available technology.

Get involved

Are you a local Astypalean?

e-astypalea is a special subsidy program for locals, promoting the purchase of electric cars, bicycles, motorcycles, van and private charge points. 

Our progress

Discover our project milestones so far